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What are ACT AS IF products?


The ACT AS IF  communication skill products are

  • Social activities and games for use in therapeutic settings

  • Educational for use in schools, homes, and tutoring

  • Social emotional learning activities

  • Practical and creative improvisational activities

  • Socially minded foundational skills using improvisational acting technique. 

  • Guides and prompts catering to all ages and neurodiversity levels.


Our pragmatic language activities target:

   Body language> Nonverbal indicators> Social Rituals

   Humor > Social flexibility > Sustaining attention

   Communication exchanges Reciprocity >

   Active conversation > Relatedness Theory of mind 

The ACT AS IF programs have been actively serving neurodiverse children and young adults for over 25 years. Because we cannot bring our ACT AS IF social communication program to you, we created this social skills activities book, using improvisation to practice authentic, in the moment, communication scenarios. 


         Watch this!

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