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Learn about ACT AS IF products!

ACT AS IF Improvisational Activities Program book

Finally, what you’ve been looking for: these easy to use, creative, yet focused improvisational activities for your kids. 


Laura and Lisa hold your hand (you hold the cards) through the ACT AS IF program. 

First, peruse over at the easy color coded activities at a glance guide (warm ups, rehearsal, and stage work).

Then, pick activities that will support the skills that you would like to work on.

Go to the chosen activities. You can pop them out and ready them in the handy front pocket, or just use them from the binder. All choices are correct and you are ready to go!

ACT AS IF Program posters

Our ‘ACT AS IF’ posters provide catchy cues that are foundational for our program skills. Use these FEE, NESS and PESH posters for prompts.


  • Paying a FEE cues for a first exchange to Face your partner. Use your Eyes and Ears to engage!  

  • Use NESS to affirm your communication partner by: Nodding, Eye contact, being Silent, or Speaking.

  • Leave a lasting impression with PESH  by using confident Posture, Eye contact, Smiling, and greeting with a Hello.

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